Brian Wood



Selected Publications

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Year Title
2023 Spottiswoode, C., and Wood, B. "Culturally-determined interspecies communication between humans and honeyguides" Science 382 (6675).
2023 Wood, B., Negrey, J., Brown, J., Deschner, T., Emery Thompson, M., Gunter, S., Mitani, J., Watts, D., Langergraber, K. "Demographic and hormonal evidence for menopause in wild chimpanzees" Science 382 (6669).
2022 Wood, B. "Xtracks: Software for Analysis of Movement and Socio-Spatial Patterns" Freely available at Github
2022 Yamada, Y., Zhang, X., Henderson, M. E., Sagayama, H., Pontzer, H., et al. "Variation in human water turnover associated with environmental and lifestyle factors". Science 378 (6622): 909-915.
2022 Cram, D. L., van der Wal, J. E., Uomini, N., Cantor, M., Afan, A. I., Attwood, M. C., et al., Wood, B., Wrangham, R., & Spottiswoode, C. N. (2022). "The ecology and evolution of human-wildlife cooperation." People and Nature 4 (4): 841-855.
2022 van der Wal, J. E., Spottiswoode, C. N., Uomini, N. T., Cantor, M., Daura-Jorge, F. G., Afan, A. I., Attwood, M. C., Amphaeris, J., Balasani, F., Begg, C. M., Blair, C. J., et al., Wood, B., Wrangham, R., Spottiswoode, C. N., & Cram, D. L. (2022). "Safeguarding human-wildlife cooperation." Conservation Letters 15 (4): e12886.
2021 Wood, B., Harris, J., Raichlen, D., Pontzer, H., Sayre, K., Sancilio, A., Berbesque, C., Crittenden, A., Mabulla, A., McElreath, R., Cashdan, E., & Jones, J. H. "Gendered movement ecology and landscape use in Hadza hunter-gatherers." Nature Human Behavior 5 (4): 436-446.
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2021 Wood, B., Pontzer, H., Harris, J., Mabulla, A. Hamilton, M., Zderic, T. and Raichlen, D. "Step counts from satellites: methods for integrating accelerometer and GPS data for more accurate measures of pedestrian travel." Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour 3 (1): 58-66.
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2021 Pontzer, H., and Wood, B. "Effects of evolution, ecology, and economy on human diet: Insights from hunter-gatherers and other small-scale societies" Annual Review of Nutrition
2020 Raichlen, D., Pontzer, H., Zderic, T., Harris, J., Mabulla, A., Hamilton, M., & Wood, B. "Sitting, squatting, and the evolutionary biology of human inactivity." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (13): 7115-7121.
2018 Pontzer, H., Wood, B., and Raichlen, D. A. "Hunter-gatherers as models in public health." Obesity Reviews (19): 24–35.
2017 Pontzer, H., Raichlen, D., Basdeo, T., Harris, J., Mabulla, A., and Wood, B. (2017) "Mechanics of archery among Hadza hunter-gatherers." Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (16): 57-64.
2017 Wood, B., and Gilby, I. (2017) "Pan the hunter: Hunting by humans, chimpanzees, and our common ancestor" in Chimpanzees and Human Evolution, R. Wrangham, D. Pilbeam, and M. Muller, Eds., Harvard University Press.
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2015 Yetish, G., Kaplan, H., Gurven, M., Wood, B., Pontzer, H., Manger, P., Wilson, C., McGregor, R., Siegel, J. (2015) "Natural sleep and its seasonal variations in three pre-industrial populations" Current Biology 25 (21): 2862-2868.
2014 Wood, B., and Marlowe, F. (2014) "Toward a reality-based understanding of Hadza men's work: A response to Hawkes et al. (2014)" Human Nature 25 (4): 620-630.
2014 Wood, B., Pontzer, H., Raichlen, D, and Marlowe, F. (2014) "Mutualism and manipulation in Hadza-Honeyguide interactions" Evolution and Human Behavior 35 (6):540-546.
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