Brian Wood



Prospective Students

The UCLA biological anthropology PhD program is renowned globally for its evolutionary approaches to human behavior, psychology, culture, development, and genetics. A significant portion of our research also focuses on the comparative study of non-human primates. The UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture (BEC) serves as a central gathering point and hub of intellectual exchange for our community. I recommend any potential students to visit the BEC website where they can watch previous seminars on Youtube, view upcoming seminar announcements, and read other news. Currently, our biological anthropology PhD program has about a dozen graduate students enrolled. The requirements and procedures for applying to our program are explained here.

I am interested in taking PhD students. Please contact me ( if interested! I can provide fieldwork opportunities in Tanzania that would allow you to collect primary data, and access to existing datasets from my years of research with the Hadza. I am interested in advising students with backgrounds and interest in scientific anthropology, or other social or behavioral sciences. If you contact me, we can discuss your specific research interests and see what opportunities could await you.