I am interested in taking graduate students- and UCLA (where I will be starting 2018) has a great anthropology PhD program. Please contact me if interested.

My general research interest is the study of humans in evolutionary and ecological context. My research program focuses on testing ideas about how people acquire and distribute food, social organization and demography, patterns of physical activity, energy use, and space use. I also carry out research investigating the function of Acheulean stone tools, a particularly important ancient technology.

My publications provide examples of research spanning these topics.

Research into human behavior and culture requires a deft mixing of qualitative and quantitative analyses that pay attention to a wide array of data sources, and an open mind about how evolutionary processes shape human experience. I am interested in advising students who might have backgrounds in scientific anthropology, but I am also interested in students with backgrounds in other social or behavioral sciences. Students would be encouraged to develop a field-work based PhD project.