2010 - 2012 Stanford University  Postdoc in Ecological Anthropology
2006 - 2010 Harvard University Ph.D. Biological Anthropology
2004 - 2006 Harvard University A.M. Biological Anthropology
2001 - 2004  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo M.S. Computer Science with Distinction
1998  University of New Mexico Visiting student, Human Evolutionary Ecology Field School
1995 - 1999 U.C. Davis B.A. Anthropology with High Honors


2012 -  Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Yale University
2010 - 2012 Postdoc, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University
2008 - 2010 Teaching Fellow, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard  University.

Grants Received

2015 - 2017 National Science Foundation, Cultural Anthropology Program "RAPID: Time Critical Preservation of Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Ethnographic Data" Award #1548143 (PI) $69,878.
2015 L.S.B. Leakey Foundation General Research Grant "Stone tools as digging implements: Archaeological, energetic, and biomechanical implications" (PI) $14,584.  
2014 - 2017 National Science Foundation, Biological Anthropology Program "Collaborative Research: The Evolutionary Biology and Health Consequences of Human Inactivity" Award #1440671 (PI) $19,792.
2011 - 2014 National Science Foundation, Cultural Anthropology Program “Individual Decisions and Emergent Aggregate Patterns: Kin Co-residence among Hadza Hunter-Gatherers” (co-PI with PI James Holland Jones): $249,600.
2006 L.S.B. Leakey Foundation Pre-Doctoral Research Grant, “Male Food Production, Transfers, and Household Provisioning among Hadza Foragers”, $13,500.
2006  Wenner-Gren Foundation Research Grant, “'Male Food Production, Transfers, and Household Provisioning among Hadza Hunter-Gatherers”, $19,300.
2005 Oppenheimer African Studies Grant, Harvard University, $1,000.
1996 President's Undergraduate Research Fellowship Grant, UC Davis, $1,500.

Awards and Fellowships

2013 Best Paper by a New Investigator Award, Evolutionary Anthropology Society, $250.
2009 Best Paper by a Student Award, Evolutionary Anthropology Society, $250.
2009 Dissertation Award, Harvard Committee on African Studies, $4,500.
2009 Oppenheimer Graduate Fellowship, Harvard Committee on African Studies,$13,500.
2009 Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Harvard GSAS $13,500.
2001 - 2004 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, $30-$35,000/year.
1999 Phi Beta Kappa.
1999 University President's Fulmore Scholarship, UC Davis, $3,000.
1998 University President's Fulmore Scholarship, UC Davis, $3,000.
1998 Undergraduate Research Award, Institute of Government Affairs, UC Davis, $1,000.
1996 Edward Frank Kraft Scholarship Prize for freshmen, UC Davis, $250.


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